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Welcome to InfraScan—Gatineau’s local thermal imaging and infrared experts.

Thermography plays an important role in today’s inspection industry. Needless to say, the use of infrared cameras in building diagnostics has greatly improved the inspection process.

Infrared inspections are fast, safe and cost-effective. They’re also completely non-contact and non-destructive but just as accurate—if not more accurate—than traditional inspection methods.

At InfraScan, our certified thermographers use some of today’s most powerful thermal imaging cameras to inspect residential, commercial and industrial properties in Gatineau and surrounding area.

And because we’re local, we can serve you within 24 hours of your call and answer your questions any time of day.

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Common issues found during an infrared survey

Infrared cameras are an inspector’s best friend. They allow us to find problems without causing any physical damage to your property (e.g. cutting holes in your drywall). This means you save time and money. It also means you can accurately identify problems such as:

  • Air leakage, heat loss and energy inefficiencies
  • Roof damage and missing shingles
  • Poor sealing around windows and doors
  • Water intrusion and water damage
  • Missing or improperly installed insulation
  • Foundation cracks, gaps and holes
  • Mold growth
  • Overheating electrical components
  • Malfunctioning mechanical equipment
  • Mouse infestations
  • And much more

Feel free to check out our full list of infrared inspection services in Gatineau. To book your thermal imaging survey with one of our certified experts, contact us at (819) 801-0120.

Our Services

We only use the best equipment and expertise

Detect moisture intrusion, water damage, heat loss and mold problems with InfraScan’s complete thermal imaging services.
Infrared inspections can help you decrease energy bills, improve indoor air quality and prevent property loss. What’s more, they’re fast, safe, accurate and non-destructive.
So how do they work? A thermal scan of a building reveals abnormalities in temperature, which usually indicates a problem. Cold spots, for example, can be a sign of moisture intrusion, cracked foundation or missing insulation. Hot spots, on the other hand, can indicate air leakage or dangerous electrical wiring.
At InfraScan, we offer comprehensive thermal imaging services and building diagnostics for residential, commercial and industrial properties across Ontario and Quebec.
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Common problems found by an infrared camera

The following problems can be easily detected during an infrared inspection:

  • Moisture intrusion
  • Heat loss
  • Poor or missing insulation
  • Drafts around windows and doors
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Overheating electrical systems
  • Damaged roofing
  • Foundation cracks
  • Mold growth

The main benefit of using infrared cameras is that they are non-destructive. This means that you don’t have to destroy walls or other structural components of your property during the inspection. This saves both time and money.

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