Certified Thermographers

Certified Thermographers

Certified Thermographers

Infrared cameras capture the heat (thermal energy) given off by different objects and surfaces. Since all objects emit heat, capturing an infrared image of a suspected area is the perfect way to detect temperature abnormalities that are indicative of a problem whether it’s structural, mechanical or electrical.

However, reading and interpreting infrared images is not as easy as it seems. Thermography is a science, and like any science, you need the proper education, training and experience in order to perform accurate analyses of data.

With that said, at InfraScan, all of our thermographers are trained, certified and have years of experience performing reliable infrared inspections and building diagnostics of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Despite what many people may think, serious mistakes can be made in misinterpreting what your camera is showing you. Professional thermographers take into consideration a number of factors that can influence the accuracy and precision of the results. These include temperature range, focus, lens choice, distance and perspective.

You can trust InfraScan to analyze every infrared image with care and attention, identifying any existing or potential problems with your property. Call us today to speak with a certified thermographer.




How can we help?

Over the years, our clients have used our thermal imaging services for finding:

  • Moisture problems
  • Heat loss and air leakage
  • Lost pets
  • Mouse infestations
  • Dangerous electrical components
  • Overheating or malfunctioning mechanical equipment
  • Missing insulation
  • Black mold

Infrared imaging is fast, cheap, non contact and non destructive—which is why the demand for professional infrared inspections has risen so dramatically over the years.

We use the best thermal imaging equipment

The certified thermographers at InfraScan use the latest and most innovative thermal imaging equipment to provide you, our client, with the best and most reliable infrared inspections.

High resolution digital infrared cameras are at the core our daily operation. With these IR cameras, we are able to locate problems with pinpoint accuracy, speed and precision.

In addition, our user friendly analysis software allows us to deliver reports to you faster than most other companies so that you can stay informed about the state of your property and make key decisions sooner rather than later.

As thermal imaging equipment continues to advance, you can count on InfraScan to be right there using it to deliver quality thermal assessments with fast, detailed reports.

Contact us today to schedule your certified infrared inspection!