The more you know about infrared inspections, the more you’ll benefit from them. Understanding the process and purpose of an infrared inspection is the key to living safely and comfortably in your home.

At InfraScan, we inspect your home for problem areas safely and efficiently using an infrared camera. We don’t stop there though; we help you fully understand why this type of inspection truly works.

Learn about thermal imaging and how it allows our inspectors to detect and view variations in temperature within your home.

Also discover how an infrared camera actually works to locate moisture problems that, with every passing day, cost you financially and put your safety at risk.

About heat loss

When heat escapes your home in the winter, you’re left to simultaneously bundle up and crank the heat. This can be both frustrating and costly.

An infrared inspector can quickly pinpoint issues—structural, mechanical or electrical—causing or contributing to heat loss. This way, you can repair the problems before they escalate.

About moisture intrusion

Similar to heat loss, moisture intrusion results in high energy bills and discomfort. It ultimately threatens the safety of your home too, compromising its structural integrity and leading to mold.

Moisture may enter from the outside, through cracks in the chimney or foundation, a leaking roof, improperly sealed windows, etc.

Alternatively, moisture can come from inside the home. If there’s a leaking pipe behind a wall, for instance, moisture will accumulate there—sometimes without anyone knowing.

Fortunately, moisture intrusion can be detected via an infrared inspection.

About water damage

Water damage is a widespread problem in commercial and residential buildings alike.

After flooding or water intrusion of any kind, all areas affected must be restored to their original, dry state within 24 to 48 hours, otherwise mold will develop.

Use infrared technology to locate water damage before mold has the opportunity to grow.

Call the thermal imaging experts at InfraScan to put an end to heat loss, moisture intrusion and water damage in your home today.